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Yinfeng He

University of Nottingham

Can we Print Pills? Advances in multi-material 3D inkjet printing for pharmaceutical devices

Medicine is moving towards personalized treatments, where the ultimate goal is to have pharmaceutical devices customized to meet the specific needs of individuals. The evolution of additive manufacturing is accelerating progressively to this target. While manufacturing devices with customized geometries have been widely studied and moving to practical application, the recent multi-material additive manufacturing techniques open up a new strategy to customize complex therapeutics for more complicated health problems. Inkjet based multi-material additive manufacturing technique brings the opportunity of manufacturing such complex therapeutics on a large scale. However, it is constrained by finding formulations that provide a choice of drug loading and release rate, that are tuneable and avoid the need for surgical removal. In this presentation, the recent advances in multi-material 3D inkjet printing for pharmaceutical devices at the University of Nottingham will be introduced.


Yinfeng completed his BEng degree in Polymer Science and Engineering from Sichuan University, after which he gained his MSc degree in Material Science from Loughborough University. In 2011 he started his Ph.D. study in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Research Group at Loughborough University, working on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing of Biodegradable Polymers. In 2014, Yinfeng started to work as a researcher at the Centre for Additive Manufacturing in University of Nottingham and was promoted to Transitional Assistant Professor in 2018. Yinfeng has been working on inkjet based 3D printing and photopolymerization techniques for more than 9 years. Having rich experience in formulation development, Yinfeng is now focusing on developing functional polymeric formulations for multi-material additive manufacturing.


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