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Tim Hope

GKN Aerospace

AIRLIFT & DAM Projects: Additive IndustRiaLIsation FuTure Technology / Design for AM

GKN Aerospace is leading two ground-breaking collaborative additive manufacturing (AM) research programmes, AIRLIFT and DAM, and will inject its unique Laser Metal Deposition by wire (LMD-w) AM technology in to the programmes.

AIRLIFT and DAM are focused on making AM serial production ready at high rates and exploring how AM can revolutionise product design for high value, high complexity product manufacture. The aim is to accelerate industrialisation and increase our market share in the growing global AM market.

Being a global leader in AM with AM components on seven flying platforms, DAM and AIRLIFT build on GKN global AM expertise and infrastructure as well as on previous successful ATI programmes. Innovative simulation solutions, Industry 4.0 processes and new design tools and methods add real value to aerospace customers by speeding up and customising product design and development, while maintaining the best possible quality.

• AIRLIFT (Additive Industrialisation for Future Technology) is a £19M technology industrialisation programme that uses Industry 4.0 and simulation competencies to enhance both laser metal deposition with wire (LMD-w) and powder bed AM technologies.

• DAM (Developing Design for Additive Manufacturing) is a £14M programme aimed at developing the next generation of design tools and methods for additive manufacturing using a data driven, material centric approach.

AIRLIFT and DAM are jointly supported by GKN Aerospace, ATI Programme, Autodesk and Siemens Digital Industries Software and will bring together the expertise of universities, research institutes and industry. Forty highly specialised engineers and operators will work together on the programmes, which will be based out of GKN Aerospace’s recently announced £32m Global Technology Centre in Bristol.


Tim Hope started his industrial career in GKN Aerospace as an Aeronautical Engineering Graduate. Working within the Engineering Services business, Tim worked on a variety of civil and military platforms including rotorcraft, military systems and fixed wing aircraft. Moving through from production support into research engineering and then subsequently into programme management, Tim now leads the Technology Centre of Excellence for Additive Manufacturing in Bristol, UK. The centre seeks to develop technologies which support industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing technologies across the GKN Aerospace product portfolio, across Direct Energy Deposition, Electron Beam Melting, Laser Powder Bed and Polymer based systems.


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