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Simon Rogers


SEAMLESS - Digitally-Enabled, Automated Post-Processing for AM

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is moving into series production, opening up unparalleled opportunities for suppliers, service providers and end-users. Unfortunately, despite the many advantages of AM, poor surface finish is a major barrier to adoption, particularly in demanding end-use applications, such as civil aerospace and medical industries. Currently there is no effective solution to this problem, either through changes to the AM process or using conventional post processing approaches which are costly, time consuming and difficult to control. Moreover, the problem will become more pronounced as the design freedom which AM offers is fully exploited and thicker layers are employed to increase the productivity.

SEAMLESS is a major upscale for a previously funded Innovate UK project (FlexiFinish) which is focusing on the urgent issue of post processing for AM. The key technology advances over (and complementing) the FlexiFinish concept include super surface finishing (adaptive shape grinding) for applications that require <0.1μm Ra (e.g. space and medical sectors); laser shock peening for enhanced functional performance (e.g. critical applications in aerospace); alternative NDT solutions (eddy current) for difficult-to-access features; empirical modelling / simulation tool for right-first-time KPV identification (therefore minimum or no re-work); offline programming for auto tool path generation and a digital platform (cloud) to enable smooth and seamless connectivity between the different components of the system, and to allow self learning for continuously improved performance.

Simon Rogers is Business Development Manager at TTL with 20 years experience in the Machine tool, Metrology, Production solution and CAD/CAM industry. Based in the Southwest of the UK and also TTL’s Buckinghamshire offices, regularly travelling internationally to cater for the global export manufacturing opportunities. Simon’s role with TTL focuses on heading up the cutting edge R&D program to keep TTL’s highly skilled technical and project management team, with 30 year’s history of delivering top level ‘Adaptive’ CAD / CAM production solution’s, ahead of the curve, by developing new automation leaps, TTL base their technology and applications on Siemens NX CAD / CAM toolset, which is widely used by the high value portion of the engineering sector. As main point of contact for the HVM Catapult centres and undertaking TTL operational support and Global business development of ‘Adaptive’ technology, including:- Developing and deploying Adaptive Additive, Adaptive Machining, Automated Robotics, Automated Modelling and Automated Metrology solutions for high value manufacturing businesses processing challenges. Industries TTL focus upon include:- Aerospace propulsion, Industrial Power Generation, Medical, Marine and other High regulatory industries are TTL’s offer solutions for both new part manufacture and the repair business units in these sectors.


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