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Sébastien Lani

Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology

Additive Manufacturing: how to embed functionalities

Additive manufacturing (AM) has demonstrated its potential for the production of parts for various markets and is no longer limited to prototyping. With polymer based printing systems, various academic groups have demonstrated the integration of sensors and actuators during or after the printing process as well as fluidic manifolds or damping structures for midsoles. In metal AM there is less diversity of smart devices where functions of parts are typically for structural purposes such like lightweight jigs or parts with embedded fluidic functions like molds for cooling systems or the leap fuel nozzle from GE©, or for parts with high surface porosity for cell growth. At CSEM, we are actively optimizing 3D printing to manufacture sub-millimeter parts with high precision and to embed functionalities such as mechanical (compliant mechanism), electrical and/or fluidic feedthroughs, sensors, and actuators. We will present our recent achievements and discuss the challenges, status, and next steps to manufacture parts with embedded functionality. One example that will be given will cover topology optimization with a mechanical compliant mechanism and how to embed sensors and electrical feedthroughs.


Sébastien Lani received a MS degree in 2004 in Chemical engineering from University Paris VI, France. He received a PhD in physics in 2007 from the university Paris XI on "MEMS wafer level packaging". After 2 post doc experiences in micro and nano systems fabrication and characterization, respectively at CNRS (France) and EPFL (Switzerland), he joined CSEM as a R&D engineer to develop optical microsystems. He is now project manager in the field of microsystem and additive manufacturing technologies. Since 2017 he is responsible at CSEM of the advanced micro manufacturing research activity and the additive manufacturing technology platform.


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