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Ricky Wildman

University of Nottingham

Materials: the more the merrier!

One barrier to additive manufacturing processes being widely adopted is a lack of materials availability. Often, users are constrained to use a particular process if they wish to use a certain material, or vice versa. We aim to reduce the constraints, and put more more materials at the fingertips of AM users. This talk will describe research efforts at the University of Nottingham, where a number of approaches have been used to identify materials with 'function'. We will talk about how to begin with there was a focus on formulation of materials with a very specific purpose in mind, but how that has recently evolved to identifying many 100s of materials of that are 'printable' through the adoption of 'high-throughput' approaches.


Ricky Wildman is a Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham. He has a rich and diverse background in understanding flow and its physico-chemical interactions with solid mechanics. Recently he has embarked on a programme to widen the portfolio of materials available for additive manufacturing. This has been stimulated by his research in additive manufacturing for healthcare, where the lack of useable materials is a real challenge to progress in this area. He is particularly enthusiastic about developing scientific methodologies in order to make sense, and ultimately control, the rich phenomena inherent in creating functionality in dimensions.


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