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René van der Meer

Océ-Technologies B.V

From the world of print to printing the world

Within the Multimaterial 3D field lab, Océ-Technologies is working with TNO AMSYSTEMS Center (Additive Manufacturing Systems Center), NextDent (since 2017 3D Systems) and TNO Brightlands Materials Center on an approach to 3D print artificial coloured teeth for dentures and crowns.

Our piezo printheads have been developed for our current 2D products. They are suited for high temperatures and materials with a high viscosity. For future products we are developing MEMS (Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems) based printheads. These new generation printheads are not only more compact and cheaper to produce, but also more accurate and much faster. We have developed a full colour 2D workflow and have expanded this into 2.5D. With this elevated technology we can reproduce our cultural heritage. Make exact copies of the Dutch masters even including the original paint structure.

As lead technologist industrial printing I am looking onto the value of our printing technology for Additive Manufacturing. A potential very interesting application is realistic printed realistic dental prostheses. It is expected that 3D printing will revolutionize the dental world. The resulting technology may serve a billion euro market, provide better-looking results and massively reduce the amount of manual labour that goes into making dental prostheses. Potentially it will make a perfect smile available for everyone in the future. Currently all dental 3D printers are mono colour. With our partners we are investigating the feasibility 3D printed realistic dental prostheses combining transparency and colour.

Other Multi Material 3D applications could be BIO medical certified prostheses like facial or skull reconstructions, noses and even eyes. More information: www.oce.com/news


René van der Meer was born in Leeuwarden August 25th in 1965. In 1990 he graduated with honours from the HTS Windesheim in Zwolle. During his first 6 years at Océ R&D he explored the potential of mixed ASICs and developed the first smart driver ASIC. This ASIC technology is also used in piezo based inkjet printers. In 2010 René he became MEMS architect. Since 2017 he is Lead Technologist Industrial Printing. René holds several patents in the field of electronics and MEMS. He is an enthusiastic, passionate and ambitious team leader who is always looking for challenges and innovative solutions. His personal slogan is ‘Why walk if you can learn to fly’.


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