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Paola Caracciolo

Airbus - Germany

Effect of Defect in Additive Manufacturing Products

Today the AM powered bed process qualified based on allowable derived for parts produced in a long process chain with a lot of steps in the post processing, a way today is to have Aircraft product quality. However especially fatigue and crack propagation properties depend from a lot of influences, including technical build process parameters and are not fully robust against technical changes in the build process.

The main part of the work is the systematic screening for parameters that are close enough to the physical build process to guarantee quality, and identified from existing or additional data (process monitoring). In the paper, the probabilistic approach able to take in accounts the defects and analysing the effect in terms of robustness is addressed.

The stochastic approach is proposed to improve the performance of the ALM and take in account the correlation between material parameters and defects. Using experimental results from HCF tests and simulated data, the fatigue and crack resistance performance is analysed considering material specific defects. The accumulated results enable the reliable prediction of the defects influence on fatigue life of laser additive manufactured titanium components. The effect of defect on ALM product, such as porosity and surface roughness, are capture and integrate in the probabilistic fracture mechanics approach. The uncertainties are correlated and integrated with NDT, actuators etc.

For the mechanical characterization of laser additive manufactured titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, crack propagation are experimentally determined and used for an analytical modelling and simulation of fatigue. The analysis improves the structural quality and helps to better understand ALM property in terms of material process innovation.

Additional objective is to relax the process chain and simplified by improved understanding and management of the elementary melting process.


Dr.-Ing. Paola Caracciolo

- 16 years working in Airbus Germany at Research & Technologies for Airframe Architecture & Integration as Senior engineer & Project leader on Probabilistic fracture mechanics and certification of Additive Layer Manufacturing.

- Members of the Composite Materials Handbook CMH-17 since 2006

- Scientific committee on diffusion in materials.

- Post-Doctoral in Mechanical Engineering.

- PhD in Computational Mechanical Engineering - University of Federico II, Naples - Italy.

- Master Degree in Structural Civil Engineering -University of Calabria – Italy


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