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Marlin Magallanes

Glass Technology Services


Dr Marlin Magallanes, Senior Glass Technologist, currently leading Innovate UK funded collaborative projects in the development of (i) new additive manufacturing technologies for glass products in the fields of chemical flow reactors and glass container sectors, (ii) new laser technologies for the detection of bowel disease. Previous experience includes: Project Researcher for the FP7 Marie Curie funded projects, LUSTRE. She has more than 10 years working in the field of glasses, with experience in the field of glass/glass-ceramics and advanced material application, specifically in the relationship between composition/structure and properties.

The Customisable 3D-Glass-Laser-Sintered-Structures project, "3D GLaSS", brings together the complete supply chain (material supplier, Additive Manufacturing (AM) equipment manufacturer, software developers, end-users of AM technology and their customers) to demonstrate the potential of a novel glass-based AM technology through providing the following technical solutions: 1. Customisable glass-based continuous-flow-reactors that can be optimised and reprinted in a short time-frame; 2. The ability to add customised differentiation to glass bottles for premium wine and spirits. In demonstrating the above, the project will show how 3D-GLaSS technology can be adapted for a host of other market opportunities across other sectors including pharmaceutical, medical implants and mainstream glassware.

During the Business Innovation presentation (focusing in market challenge) GTS will review work done to date in the field of glass-based 3D-Printing, discussing commercial opportunities for these technologies and the challenges faced, concluding with a summary of a new selective-laser-melting process that GTS has been developing in 3D GlaSS project with its partners.


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