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Laurence Coles

Added Scientific Ltd

Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing within Quantum Technologies

The quantum sector is a burgeoning opportunity for technological advancements, which are expected to underpin the next generation of sensing and timekeeping technologies allowing novel space-based sensors for fundamental research. Currently, quantum devices are large pieces of laboratory equipment with limited industrial applications. At the heart of these technologies, a reduction in the size and mass of Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) equipment is particularly critical for the development of portable quantum systems. By utilising the benefits afforded by additive manufacturing (AM), an order-of-magnitude reduction in size, weight and power requirement becomes plausible. Despite recent advances in AM processing of metals an additively manufactured Ultra-High Vacuum chamber has so far not been achieved until now.

AlSi10Mg within the metal powder bed fusion process has been shown to be more than capable of holding Ultra-High Vacuum conditions (below 10-9 mbar), and this cross disciplinary collaboration will spark a revolution of multifaceted design capabilities and integrated features only achievable via additive manufacturing techniques. The application of these innovative methodologies, within a seemingly stagnant field, is critical to accelerating the evolution of UHV systems to support the future of quantum technologies. An overview of the results achieved in the OPTAMOT IUK project, carried out by Added Scientific in conjunction with University of Nottingham and University of Sussex will be presented.


With Chartered Engineering status and a PhD in ballistic and air blast performance of composite materials within the field of advanced materials of materials (Loughborough University, UK), Laurence brings advanced simulation expertise to the field of additive manufacturing. His understanding of complex mechanical design, systems engineering, and material behaviour provides a fresh perspective into design for additive manufacturing to realise unique innovative solutions to technical challenges. Laurence also holds Mechanical Engineering MEng (Loughborough University, UK).


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