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Judah Goldwasser

Office of Naval Research Global

Advances in U.S. Naval Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) represents a unique intersection of design, materials, processing and properties. Because the microstructure and properties are inextricably linked to the part design and processing conditions, AM is ill-suited for conventional qualification techniques. In order to change the paradigm of qualification for additive manufactured components, the Office of Naval Research is pursuing integrated computational materials engineering coupled with in-situ sensors and controls for production of metallic and composite parts. Elements of the initiative include: (i) broadening the library of materials and processing techniques, (ii) understanding and controlling material properties resulting from microstructural variations in AM products, (iii) developing non-destructive evaluation and property prediction techniques, (iv) developing and introducing manufacturing process controls for the Navy, and (v) understanding expeditionary and afloat environmental influences. This talk will highlight ONR’s current efforts in AM research in materials and processes to meet emerging needs for the US Navy and Marine Corp and our unique operating environment. Specifically, the ONR program to develop and validate modeling and simulation (M&S) tools and in-situ sensors and controls to achieve the ability to manufacture, scale, and rapidly qualify Additive Manufacturing (AM) material and processes for production of parts will be described.


Dr. Judah Goldwasser joined the Office of Naval Research’s Global Office (ONRG) in November, 2015 as Science Director for Materials. His technical interests are in the areas on structural, energetic, and armor materials. Specifically, his focus is in understanding the relationship between the properties of materials, their composition and microstructure at the appropriate length scale so they can be controlled to greatly improve their performance and create new capabilities for the Navy and Defense Department.

Prior to joining ONRG, Dr. Goldwasser served as a program manager in the Defense Sciences Office of DARPA, and before that at the Office of Naval Research. His programmatic efforts have been on developing material systems with superior properties that can greatly enhance the performance of defense systems that need to operate in harsh environments by obviating the trades which currently limit their capabilities.

Dr. Goldwasser has an M.S. degree in synthetic chemistry, and a Ph.D. in polymer science. He has worked for the U.S. Navy for 35 years, first as a researcher and then as an S&T program manager. Throughout his career, he has led and participated in the establishment, execution, and management of numerous initiatives - both fundamental materials and applied structural and protective material systems programs.


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