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Johanna Laru


Additive manufacturing in pharmaceutical product design and manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) has been utilised in pharmaceutical industry for e.g. prototyping of medical devices. In the recent years additive manufacturing for other applications for example product manufacturing has been receiving a lot of attention from academics as well as from pharmaceutical industry which has resulted as an increase in publications in the field. However the number of 3D printed pharmaceutical products in the market does not reflect this. Possible reasons for the lack of 3D printed pharmaceutical products in the market, considerations for bringing new technology into pharmaceutical production and opportunities for additive manufacture in the pharmaceutical product design will be discussed.


Dr. Johanna Laru is currently working as an Associate Director at AstraZeneca, UK. She leads a team of scientific experts responsible for the AstraZeneca’s oncology portfolio product development for the early clinical studies. Johanna received her Ph.D. degree from the Aston University, Birmingham, UK in 2008. Since then she has held several positions in the field of formulation and biopharm expanding from the pre-clinical phase to life cycle management. Through her experience, she has got a broad understanding of science of the drug molecules and impact of the properties in the formulation development activities and subsequent in vivo performance. Johanna is particularly interested in using wider scientific project knowledge, patient needs and predictive science in definition of patient centric formulation designs. Additionally she has got an interest in application of additive manufacturing in pharmaceutical product design.


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