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Douglas Wells

Marshall Space Flight Center

A Summary of NASA ’s Efforts in the Development of Additively Manufactured Metallic Hardware

NASA is an early adopter of additive manufacturing for critical spaceflight systems. The Agency has led these early efforts with the first comprehensive, certification-based standards for metallic powder bed fusion hardware. This presentation provides a brief background on the philosophy of these controlling documents and highlights the forward work underway to establish more comprehensive NASA standards for additive manufacturing incorporating a broad range of common additive materials and processes. The Agency has a diverse portfolio of additive manufacturing development activities ranging from research fundamentals such as process modeling and feedstock evaluations through practical certification activities such as the development of statistical process control strategies and design values. An overview of these activities from across the Agency is provided relative to our objectives in support of activities in space and transportation to space.


Mr. Douglas Wells is a structural materials engineer in the Materials and Processes Laboratory at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Doug has twenty-five years of experience in fatigue, damage tolerance, and fracture control of flight structures. For the past seven years, he has focused on developing methodologies for the qualification and certification of additively manufactured spaceflight hardware, including the development of the first NASA standard to establish requirements for incorporating additively manufactured hardware into flight vehicles for NASA and its commercial partners. In addition to standards development for NASA, Doug is actively engaged with the broader international standards community working in additive manufacturing, including ASTM and SAE. Currently, much of his time is spent on the interpretation of certification requirements for additively manufactured hardware on a variety of NASA missions. Doug came to NASA following his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech and also holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.


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