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David Bate

Nikon Metrology

3in1 XCT

VP of Engineering for X-ray at Nikon Metrology, obtained a first degree in Physics from Oxford University and a PhD from Imperial College, London. Since then I have worked for Cambridge University, Leica on SEMs and X-tek, which became Nikon Metrology, on X-rays. Throughout my career I have always worked on Electron optics and interactions of Charged particles/radiation.

The 3in1 project is aimed at producing a new X-ray CT system optimised for Additive manufacturing parts and, when combined with the software being developed, able to replace several of the manufacturing processes QA tasks e.g. Accurate measurement of the object from a 3D CT scan both internally and externally, surface roughness measurements and also feedback to the AM process.

In this talk we will describe in more detail the software elements of the project what new functions are being or have already been implemented and how they will help the AM manufacturer to produce better parts more accurately and quickly. There will also be a short overview of the hardware changes in the X-ray system to give the best quality data as an input to the software.


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