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Christoph Hansen

Sauber Engineering AG

The Additive Race

Performance concentration in formula 1 motorsport is extremely high. Fractions of a second result in either victory or defeat. The Sauber Engineering team does research with state-of-the-art materials and develops processes 24/7. Such an effort enables them to keep up with the developments in technology and even set their own trends. Therefore, Alfa Romeo Racing relies on additive manufacturing in the aerodynamic development as well as on the racetrack.

With this technology, up to 300 components for the use in the wind tunnel and on the F1 vehicle as well as for third party customers are manufactured on a daily basis. These parts are not only parts of prototypes, but also fixtures, gauges or other tools and industrial small batch parts. In use are high-volume SLA, SLS and LB-PBF machines together with a high performance material which has been especially developed for their application needs.

Sauber’s ambition for quality is mainly driven by the goal to achieve reproducible results in the wind tunnel. Through the optimization of all processes and side processes they assure an equally high quality along with a very high flexibility. The internal as well as the external business profit from this to the same extent.


From 2007 Christoph Hansen had different positions within Sauber: Aero-designer, Project Manager Wind Tunnel, Chief Wind Tunnel Production, Head of Additive Manufacturing and Head of Technical Development in Hinwil, Switzerland. In his current role as Director Technology & Innovation, Christoph is managing all activities related to Additive Manufacturing, engineering and the technologies of tomorrow. Besides that, since 2018, Christoph is member of the board of Sauber Engineering.


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