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Oxford Lasers

Specialisms – Laser Imaging

The Oxford Lasers Imaging Division specialise in systems and services which provide imaged based characterisation and measurement for a wide range of applications. These include the visualisation of high speed bright events (welding and flame visualisation), particle/ droplet size & velocity, and spray pattern & plume geometry analysis.

Oxford Lasers have developed a series of high speed diode lasers that enable visualisation of high speed processes such as welding. The VisiSize range is a dedicated image based sizing product range for particle/droplet shape, size and velocity analysis. Driven by user friendly software, VisiSize products can be driven remotely, offer certified Class 1 laser safety options and waterproof head rated to IP65 – IP167 which make VisiSize systems ideal for industrial applications of spray and particle analysis. Real time measurement capability enable instant results with no post processing. The product range includes a fully portable ‘field’ tool (VisiSize P15) as well as mobile lab based systems (VisiSize D30 and N60).


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