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CELLINK is a global leader in developing and delivering life-science solutions, equipping hundreds of labs and thousands of scientists worldwide with cutting-edge technologies that fuel groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs. With a commitment to quality and innovation, our bioprinters, imaging systems and bioinks have contributed to revolutionary advancements in academic and clinical medicine.

CELLINK’s solutions advance and accelerate the discovery process for customers in more than 50 countries, including university, hospital, pharmaceutical, public and commercial laboratories. Our domain knowledge, dedication to innovation and passion for excellence has positioned us as the driving market force in the fields of bioprinting and 3D cell culturing. We strive to push the limits of what is possible in regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical development, inspiring and empowering collaborators to expand their horizons and overcome any challenge they face. Join us on our journey to change the future of medicine: www.cellink.com.


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