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Added Scientific Ltd

At Added Scientific, we have a state-of-the art knowledge of processes, material and design and the way these seemingly independent themes interact with each other. We are experts at developing new or tweaking existing materials to suit our customers’ specific needs. For us, it’s very important that material development is never carried out in isolation – we always keep in mind the intended 3D printing process and final component design, to make sure the parts we build have the best possible performance.

We are experts at understanding the different processes and selecting the right one for the task in hand. When a customer needs to push the boundaries of an existing process, we relish adapting existing machines to suit the more challenging applications and when an off-the-shelf solution just won’t do, we’ll design and custom build a machine from scratch!

Added Scientific’s designers are experienced at solving AM design challenges using currently available techniques and at developing new methods to solve new problems or to solve existing problems more easily and efficiently. Come along and hear about some of our capabilities and some of our recently completed research projects across the fields of quantum technologies and healthcare.


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