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The Event

The Additive International summit, formerly known as the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing, is a two-day event, bringing together academic and industry experts to share their knowledge and ideas. The summit attracts over 250 delegates from more than 170 institutions, with interests in all the newest technological developments for the AM industry.

In addition to Additive International, we host a pre-summit event which takes place the day prior to the official opening of the main event. This year the pre-summit day is entitled 'The development and industrialisation of AM - an honest conversation: How far have we come, what else do we need to do and what’s around the corner?'. The Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham and the MAPP EPSRC Hub of the University of Sheffield, alongside industry expert Phil Reeves will be delving into the answers and addressing the ‘dirty secrets’ of AM along the way. The day will end by seeking the views of established experts and new AM innovators – both from the presenters and the audience – engaging in some realistic predictions of where Additive Manufacturing is going.

Pre-Summit Event
14th July 2020

In keeping with previous years, the Additive International Summit will host a “pre-summit” day, this year entitled 'The development and industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing - an honest conversation: How far have we come, what else do we need to do and what’s around the corner?' This event will be held at the University of Nottingham - Advanced Manufacturing Building

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Additive International
15th & 16th July 2020

Additive International provides two days of cutting-edge research and thinking in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. July 2020 will be the 15th year of the event bringing together leaders from academia and industry to share knowledge and ideas.

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We bring together a group of leading authorities in Additive Manufacturing to speak at the event. Find out more about our presenters and their backgrounds.

"There is always someone available to help me disseminate — without prejudice or patronisation"

Rachel Park | Disruptive

"A great event attended by people from across the industry with a good spread of speakers highlighting a range of relevant topics"

George Hopkins | HiETA Technologies Ltd

"A perfect balance between conference presentations and networking arenas"

Kristin Lippe | FFI Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

"Great balance of content with plenty of networking space in a location that central"

Chris Jones | Autodesk

"A great networking & commercially valuable event that we definitely plan to attend again next year"

Mike Cottee | PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd

"There's always something new at the Nottingham conference which is certainly not a claim that every conference can make"

Jez Pullin | Sartorius Stedim Lab Ltd

"The conference provided many opportunities for networking and for meeting key people in the Industry. I have made some very valuable contacts and they will definitely help shape my path forward"

Michaella Janse van Vuuren | NOMILI

"Excellent conference. The organizers did a fine job of mixing and matching from across the Additive Manufacturing field. Many of the topics are the current ones in the news - very salient"

Steve Simske | Hewlett-Packard Labs

"A very diverse and interesting roster of presenters covering a myriad of perspectives resulted in a very valuable conference"

Mark Tilley | Architected Materials

"I came away from the conference feeling even more inspired by the sector and the near future possibilities with a real desire to learn more and play more in this space"

Chris Thorpe | Jaggeree

"The conference is always carefully curated to avoid hyped headlines, but purposely blends significant academic research developments with original and insightful applications of the technologies that have garnered success — or are about to."

Rachel Park | Disruptive

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