Josefine Lissner - Leap 71

12 July 2023 11:45 - 12:15

Computational Engineering is a new field where engineers move away from manual CAD drawings and start coding. They encode their knowledge on how to build components and entire machines into algorithms that can then automatically produce shapes and geometric variations. This speeds up product design cycles, leaves engineers room to focus on innovation rather than trivial, repetitive things. Computational designs are not only faster but can be orders of magnitude more complex as well – depending on the selected manufacturing process. The talk will give an overview over this new way of doing things and shows industrial applications from some of LEAP 71’s public projects.


1. Engineering today needs changing – it is too slow
2. The success of the computer industry is based on a software paradigm
3. We are applying computer code and algorithms to solve complex engineering challenges
4. We have exciting results (3D-printed objects, large code base) to show
5. Going forwards we see this approach scale through an open-source movement

Josefine Lissner, Founder and CEO , Leap 71