Iain Todd - University of Sheffield

14 July 2022 09:30 - 10:00

Over the past year we have gathered information on the UK AM Innovation landscape and its impact. The findings, compiled by Added Scientific, show that we perform well compared to international peers in all academic metrics– publications, grant income, collaborative projects with industry, PhD completions, etc. but that, despite some excellent examples to the contrary, nationally we perform relatively poorly for spin out and value generation activities – particularly when considering long term, sustainable businesses that remain UK owned and operated. Here I will present our findings and suggest future actions to encourage and support a healthy, vibrant UK AM ecosystem. 


1. Where the UK sits in terms of academic outputs and strengths
2. Our IP position as a community
3. where the gaps in the UK innovation chain lie
4. The weaknesses we have identified in the UK research ecosystem
5. Key recommendations for change

Iain Todd, Director , EPSRC MAPP Future Manufacturing Hub