Bradley Hughes - GKN Aerospace

14 July 2022 12:00 - 12:30

Additive Manufacturing promises numerous benefits compared to incumbent manufacturing processes: greater design freedom, functional integration and reduced material waste are often touted alongside other benefits. Why then are we still waiting the mass adoption of Additive Manufacturing in aerospace? In this presentation GKN will present some of our recent case studies utilising AM to demonstrate the above benefits, before discussing the ongoing battle to remove the persistent barriers to AM. The entire AM value chain has a role to play in progressing the adoption of AM, we just to need to make sure we focus on the right problems.


1. The motivation of PBF in aerospace
2. GKN case studies: our latest powder bed successes
3. The key barriers to adoption of L-PBF in aerospace
4. What AM needs to succeed in the short term in aerospace
5. Where the AM eco-system needs to focus

Bradley Hughes, Principal Research Engineer - Additive Manufacturing, GKN Aerospace